Welcome to my website!

About Me

I am energetic and enthusiastic girl with lots and lots of spirit in me to fly higher and higher to touch the sky! :)


I love to travel, read books, listening music and helping others. If anyone want to get professional tips from me or want to adopt the same profession, you are welcome to ask me for help freely. I will guide you on each and every step.

I love nature and want to explore the world. I want to visit each and every country to see their culture, their tradition, taste their food. I always love to try new dishes :)

I love watching twinkeling stars in summer starry nights.. When there is silence everywhere.. I like poetry and I compose poetry too :)

I love colors of life! :) They look really beautifull if used to draw beautiful-cum-positive picture of life! 

So never ever be disappointed in your life. Keep trying to make your favourite picture! You will surely be successfull in drawing a good picture for you as you know practice makes men perfect! ;)

My Wish

As I have a lot of experience in Admin support tasks so I want to get hired by those who want to utilize my skills in a real way. I ensure you 100% accurate and fast delivery of your work. 

Contact Info:

My email address - rabail.malik.azeemi@gmail.com

My Skype ID - elle.fbpo